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CategorySKU/CodeProduct Name NormalPromotion
CDsCD #1 - Diabetes Nutrition Toolkit for RD's & CDE's 99.00N/A
CDsCD #2 - Diabetes Education Kit for RD's & CDE's 99.00N/A
CDsCD #3 -Weight Management Toolkit 99.00N/A
HandoutsDiabetes Food Flash: 14.95N/A
HandoutsDiabetes Nutrition Quiz 14.95N/A
HandoutsDiabetes Prevention & MNT Guidelines 14.95N/A
Handouts24 Hour Diet Recall Form 14.95N/A
HandoutsDiet Exchange Calculator 14.95N/A
HandoutsCholesterol Shakedown 14.95N/A
HandoutsSick Day Care for Diabetes 14.95N/A
HandoutsDiabetes Food Flash Carbohydrate Counting Book 14.95N/A
HandoutsDiabetes and Alcohol 14.95N/A
HandoutsCarbohydrate Counting Menus 14.95N/A
HandoutsDiabetes Counseling Checklist 12.95N/A
HandoutsGoal Sheet 12.95N/A
HandoutsDiabetes and Dental Care 12.95N/A
HandoutsDiabetes To Dos 12.95N/A
HandoutsDiabetes Medications that Can Increase or Decrease Blood Sugar Levels 12.95N/A
HandoutsDiabetes Education Follow Up Discharge Form 12.95N/A
HandoutsDiabetes and Foot Care 12.95N/A