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CD #2 - Diabetes Education Kit for RD\'s & CDE\'s
CD #2 - Diabetes Education Kit for RD's & CDE's  


Normal Price :  $ 99.00

Set of 9 camera ready client/patient education handouts which are reproducible masters with fun graphics ready for distribution in your practice. Includes handouts: Diabetes Education Guidelines, Goal Sheet, Diabetes & Dental Care, Diabetes To Do's, Diabetes Medications that Can Raise and Lower Blood Sugar Levels, Discharge Form, Diabetes Quiz, Diabetes Food Flash, and Diabetes and Foot Care.

Diabetes Education Guidelines: A comprehensive guide for teaching patients with diabetes including pathophysiology, meal planning, acute & longterm complications, self blood glucose monitoring and more.

Goal Sheet: Use this inclusive goal sheet for setting specific goals on a variety diabetes related areas including meal planning, physical activity, self blood glucose monitoring and more.

Diabetes and Dental Care: Use this handout to distribute to your patients on dental care. Often overlooked in diabetes education, add variety to your counseling session.

Diabetes To Do’s: Give a checklist of medical tests and diabetes self care for your patients to check off as they are completed throughout the year.

Diabetes Medications that Can Increase or Decrease Blood Sugar Levels: A complete listing of the many medications that can negatively or positively influence blood sugar levels.

Diabetes Education Follow Up Discharge Form: This handout is reproducible for your patients at the conclusion of their nutrition counseling and diabetes education session. Space for your name, phone number, times to take medications, when to test blood sugar and more.

Diabetes Nutrition Quiz: Use this quiz at the beginning and end of your counseling session to determine what knowledge your patients have regarding their diabetes.

Diabetes and Foot Care: Includes suggestions for daily foot care and diabetes self care for distribution to your patients.

Diabetes Food Flash: Provides an overview of carbohydrate counting including a sample food label and carbohydrate counting guidelines for your patients.